Training & On-going Support

We know it can be time-consuming to learn new systems so our team will give you hands-on training in all your new systems and processes so you can feel confident using them.

Training and Resource Downloads

We’ve prepared some stand-alone, online training and templates that you can download and use. Access these resources on our Trainings Page.

Team and Project Management

Reassigning a member of your team for special projects is ineffective because you’re taking them away from their every-day tasks. Our team can come on-board temporarily or long term to help act as a liaison between team members and contractors so your project gets done efficiently:

  • Become a contact liaison between you, your team, and vendors
  • Conduct weekly team meetings 
  • Delegate and track task progress and completion
  • Keep project management systems up-to-date
  • Follow up with team members to clarify tasks
  • Manage and update team job description
  • Solicit and share feedback on projects
  • Create post-project briefs. 

Virtual Assistance

Are there certain tasks in your company that you just don’t need to do yourself? Hire our team of virtual assistants to take care of any administrative tasks you need:

  • Research
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Email marketing
  • Business support 
  • Branding for worksheets and flyers
  • Project management for large-scale branding projects
  • Business startup assistance
  • GST and incorporation set-up 

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