Training & On-going Support

Training and Resource Downloads

We’ve prepared some stand-alone, online training and templates that you can download and use. Access these resources on our Trainings Page.

Team and Project Management

Reassigning a member of your team for special projects is ineffective because you’re taking them away from their every-day tasks. Our team can come on-board temporarily or long term to help act as a liaison between team members and contractors so your project gets done efficiently:

Virtual Assistance

Are there certain tasks in your company that you just don’t need to do yourself? Hire our team of virtual assistants to take care of any administrative tasks you need:

Custom Designed Websites

Creating a website is a big project, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. We can develop your custom websites and applications using our in-house team or through our network of trusted referrals. We can help from project conception to completion, including helping to create marketing programs to drive sales for launch:

Disclaimer: We respect confidentiality agreements and cannot publicly display apps without permission

Do you need a product owner/manager to journey map each of your website or app components? Contact us

Technical & Software Support

Technical Support

Technology may not come easy to you, but it does for us! We can set-up and teach you how to use many different systems and technology including: 

Custom Consultations

Aceit Digital can help with business management of projects, programs, products, services, and internal systems. We focus on 3 main areas of business:

Business Process Consulting 

We can analyze and review your current systems to make recommendations about where you can improve efficiencies. These generally include 2 sessions and a report of findings and recommendations. 

Web Development Consulting 

Aceit Digital will meet with you to determine what you need in a new website and then assemble a web development team of designers, coders, writers, and beta testers who can create it for you.

Product Launch Management

Having support for product launch helps ensure milestones are achieved and the project runs smoothly. Our team can assist with everything from project management, marketing support, and act as a sounding board for any aspect of the project. Project Launch management includes 1 free template and any support you need.