This summer, let us walk your kids through our exciting DIGITAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP Summer Camp where they can learn various technical skills that will help them develop their problem solving skills, entrepreneurial mindset, and enhance their goal-setting abilities.

Each course is carefully crafted to allow students to explore these technology skills in an informative but fun environment. Students are also given opportunities to have first hand experience on how to apply these skills as they are taught the processes of running their own business. 

Our Programs

We consider the kid’s level in terms of their technical knowledge and skill, thus, the lessons are segmented in a way that is tailored-fit to the child’s current skill level. 

Build your own website (For Ages 8-11)
August 10-14th (5 days including a saturday via Zoom 4:00pm - 6:00pm) ($199)

The lessons include helping kids explore how they can build their own website from scratch.  

What exactly will they learn in a week: 

  • Defining their website goals
  • Creating their website brief
  • Setting-up
  • Utilizing Themes & Plugins
  • Creating Pages & Post
  • Creating Menus 
  • Website Design 
  • Learning about SEO and more
Website & Ecommerce Business Processes and Systems (Ages 11-16)
August 10 - 19th (9 days including the first weeks saturday via Zoom 8:30am - 10:30am) ($299)

Since kids in this age group are well-versed in terms of their technical know-how, this program includes learning more lessons that immerse them in the creative process of setting up their eCommerce business. 

What exactly will they learn in two weeks:

Tech skills

  • Setting up your store environment
  • Establish branding
  • Setting up your hosting
  • Introduction to Themes
  • Introduction to Plugins
  • Setup woocommerce and payment systems 
  • AND Other Bonus Features

Web Design

  • How to design various web pages 
  • Creating contents for you online store
  • Installing sections for Home, about us, contact information and then blog sections
  • Demonstrating basic user experience
  • Creating sections and using canva 

Week 2 


  • Designing and installing Online Store Components to communicate and Build Trust
  • Develop Branding and Design 
  • Installing Categories and search Function
  • Learning how to add products to product pages 
  • Setting up the shopping cart
  • Installing the checkout section

The FUN Part includes learning how to write Html and custom codes in WordPress.

Project Completion 

Includes a whole week of hands-on application in Tech Setup, Web design, and eCommerce.

What you will experience after the Digital Entrepreneur program. 

child in pink shirt sitting by the table while smiling_aceit kids tech

Kids develop processes to help them achieve their goals.

They discover the joy of learning a skill and using this skill to benefit themselves and their community.

Increased confidence in expressing their ideas and executing their plans.

They are inspired to become creative problem solvers.

What students loved about our program



I liked learning new things. I like that we headed the direction of making an online shop instead of a blog, because now I was able to take a few skills away from that. I can also navigate through wordpress way better"



I like the way they helped students when they were having trouble



I like learning a bit about something I never knew anything about



I liked the first session with the guest instructor because it gave me insight on life skills such as learning as much as I can, and how ideas never stay the same along with other tips and tricks to get better results from my work



I liked how the teachers allowed us to explore and didn't just tell us exactly what to do. That's a way of learning I really like



“Designing the website was really fun”



I liked hearing stories about the importance of web design because it gave the skill more meaning to me

Message from the Founder

founder aceit digital information

Hi Parents,

Thank you for taking the time to look into our summer camp offerings for your kids. As a fellow parent, there is nothing more fulfilling than to be able to help our children gain the skills they need to succeed in this ever changing and technology driven society. 

It is my hope that through our sincere efforts to teach these kids to freely explore the world of business technology and processes, they would grow up to be great at whatever pursuits they wish to follow.  

I am excited to share your joy as we witness our kids discover how they can use these skills to become the great entrepreneurs they are meant to be!

Tolu Amadi

Your Kid’s entrepreneurial adventure starts today!


In case you may have questions…

How do I get in touch with ACEIT summer camp organizers?

Feel free to send us a message via email at learn@aceitdigital.ca, we will respond to you as soon as we can.

What happens after I choose and pay for the program?

You will receive a confirmation email along with other instructions to register the details of your child and link to the zoom live class

If my child misses out on a scheduled class, how can he make up for it? 

If in any event, your child is unable to attend the scheduled class, lessons will be made available via the presentation slide. We will also try as much as possible to create recordings of the classes. The recordings of the class are not readily available. However, we expect that students attend their scheduled class every day so they can be guided well as they practice their newly acquired skills.

Do you offer discounts for educational institutions or non-profit organizations? 

Yes we do, send us an email at kids@aceitdigital.ca and we will surely work on how we can help you. 

Since I want to support your mission and because I love your lessons, do you have an affiliate program? 

We sure do!  An affiliate link will be provided via this medium email learn@aceitdigital.ca

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