Instruction and Information for participating Businesses:

We are so glad to have you on board! We truly are!

So how exactly do we make this work?

First: Craft your offer using this template as you make it Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook ready.

It’s the Merry Season!

And I am taking part in Aceit Digitals Showcase “12 days of Christmas” series

Quite exciting because I am giving away (your product with the post image)

Visit this link to get the chance to win our featured give away/product 


or showcase.aceitdigital.ca

Plus visit our shop as well and explore our great offerings.

For 12 days business line up visit here https://www.aceitdigital.ca/12-days-of-christmas/

Second: Promote and Raise awareness.

1.       Share on your facebook/Instagram/twitter page or profile

2.       Add giveaway link to your linktree bio showcase. aceitdigital.ca

3.       Once you are featured on our IG story, please share on Instagram/whatsapp/facebook

4.       Ask at least five local friends to promote that you are being featured in AceIt Digital’s Giveaway.   You can send them a message that will simply say;

Hi there! Awesome friend!

I partnered with @AceIt.Digital on their “12 days of Christmas” showcaseher series to promote my product and services locally and because you are part of my ever-supportive friends, please do share this with your friends and family (insert IG story link).

Third: Sit back and enjoy the spotlight!

If you are able to do these, you are all set! If you need any help or any questions just get in touch through this link showcase@aceitdigital.ca

Thank you and we are definitely excited to showcase your brand!

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